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Go ahead and research travel advisor about the Greek Isles.  The first thing you will see when the word “luxury” is used as an adjective: Santorini. Santorini is beyond amazing and a paradise for luxury travellers. There is simply no other place on earth like Santorini, a magical destination that emerged from an ancient island. It’s almost impossible to take a bad photo in Santorini where the whitewashed houses, deep azure sea, and breathtaking sunsets take center stage.

It is simply amazing how beautiful Santorini is

It is simply amazing how beautiful Santorini is

For the traveler who wants nothing but the best, Santorini won’t disappoint. From the most palatial hotels, the best wines, elegant yacht cruises, and five-star feasts in the lively Greek tavernas, there’s much to love about traveling to Santorini. And even if Santorini is thousands of years old, you’ll still be able to find modern amenities and high-speed internet which makes it easy for those looking for jobs that allow you to travel. Check the forums on travel advisor and they will lead you to the same answers.

Where To Stay

Greece is home to some of the world’s finest accommodations, and most of them are found in Santorini. Resorts and boutique hotels offer jaw-dropping views of the Aegean Sea and the iconic caldera cliffs that are nothing less than postcard-perfect. Bidding for travel in Santorini luxury hotels is delightful but the only challenge that you may come across is making a decision on booking just one. Many of the best hotels in the area also include professional and friendly concierge services to cater to travelers’ unique needs for a personalized and memorable stay in one of the world’s most picturesque coastal locations. Make sure to read all of the reviews, pictures and comments by fellow luxury travelers with the travel advisor website. Hotel staffs are trained well to handle almost every kind of request because as with Greek culture, service is of utmost priority reminiscent of authentic Hellenic hospitality.

There are breathtaking views every where you go

There are breathtaking views every where you go

Cori Rigas Suites is conveniently located right on the caldera cliff. The property is over 250 years old, and it traces its roots back to Greek history as it served as a Captain’s House. The hotel was restored with the help of local masons using volcanic materials to restore it back to its original form, resembling the traditional Santorini home. The hotel’s proprietors added thoughtful yet opulent details in all the right places for luxury travelers to enjoy, such as the owners’ personal art collection and marble terraces.

Chromata luxury resort is a minimalist hotel where almost everything is white. This has phenomenal reviews up and down travel advisor. Here, the bright sapphire hues of the Greek sea and sky are in the spotlight as guests unwind in the elegant cave rooms. Chromata Hotel blends local heritage with a sense of style and all the modern amenities that a discerning traveler seeks.  Cool down from a day out in the hot Mediterranean sun by taking a dip in the resort’s stunning infinity pool while soaking up the views of the Aegean sea.

Santorini is just as beautiful at night as it is in the sunlight

Santorini is just as beautiful at night as it is in the sunlight

Tholos Resort is also designed in the traditional white colors, and each room is built on varying levels of the cliff. Tholos Resort is all about subtle luxury; all guests have access to a terrace that treats you to the superb panoramic views.  The resort has a spectacular pool that comes with an unbeatable view – perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Grace Santorini is an upscale boutique hotel perched right on the caldera in northwest Santorini. Each room has its own unique features, all of which are indulgent in their own right. Grace Santorini is designed with famous whitewashed Cycladic look, but its furnishings are everything but: the hotel is equipped with all the modern amenities needed by people who look for jobs that allow you to travel.

Aria Suites Santorini is a well-equipped boutique hotel situated in a quiet area of the island. As you will see on the travel advisor reviews, most hotels in Santorini don’t allow children if they are situated on the caldera’s cliff for safety purposes, but Aria Suites is conveniently located a little further away from the edge and is thus a safer option for luxury travelers with children. Aria Suites is an intimate hotel with only 6 charming and tastefully-designed rooms.

Luxury travel experiences are all over Santorini

Luxury travel experiences are all over Santorini

Luxurious Experiences

When you travel to Greece, don’t forget about bidding for travel for luxurious experiences that will inspire you. Feasting on and learning about Greek food is an ideal way to explore Mediterranean cuisine which is known for being both delicious and healthy. Food and wine tours are abundant in Santorini, and are probably going to be the best few hours of your trip as you savor fresh seafood and local produce turned into gastronomic masterpieces by Greek chefs. Talk with the other people commenting on travel advisor to see what they think. What better way to wash down authentic Greek food than by trying wines produced in local vineyards? For an extraordinary culinary experience in Santorini, check out these services:

There’s no better way to explore the vast blue Aegean sea than by hiring a luxury yacht. Sail through the lapiz-lazuli hues of the sea, and go wherever your heart desires. Seek out hidden coves, pristine beaches, party islands, and dreamy seaside towns throughout Santorini.  Because of its perfect location it’s so easy to do island excursions as the islands are so accessible from one another. There are many things to explore and you just might be surprised with what you find throughout the Greek islands.  For your yachting needs in Santorini, check out these services:

Get out on the water while you're there!

Get out on the water while you’re there!

Travel advisor will show you that the Greeks are known for their commitment to health and wellness. Ancient thermal springs abound throughout the country, a testament to how important wellness is to the locals. Santorini is the perfect destination to sooth the mind, body, and the soul with the numerous revitalizing and invigorating treatment options offered at spas throughout the island. Book a spa appointment and get a taste of pampering, the Mediterranean way, which will be particularly useful if you’re tired from jobs that allow you to travel.  Don’t leave without trying authentic Greek treatments such as thalassotherapy, hydromassage, and the spa with hammam. Greek spas use only the finest ingredients for each treatment including organic herbs and fruit, as well as creams made from oils that are locally sourced. These are some of the finest spa retreats in Santorini:

Check travel advisor and book a luxury tour, private if you wish, to discover the many other attractions around the island such as archeological sites and half day city tours. Many of these companies also accept requests for custom tours, so let them know what you are interested to see. Private luxury tours are a great way to learn about local culture and history with the company of a professional tour guide who knows the area best and who will also make sure that you have a memorable experience. These are some of the private tour companies available in Santorini:

You wont' find a bad picture in your roll of film when you get back home.

You wont’ find a bad picture in your roll of film when you get back home.

Spend a few days exploring the unique coastal seascapes that Santorini has to offer. The volcanic origins of Greece have brought about a diverse range of terrain, many of which are accessible right from Santorini. These beachside locales have several luxury restaurants, cafes, and bars that are perfect for spending the day in the sun but with a backdrop that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The comments on travel advisor rave about these. Perissa and Perivolos are located within the same strip of beach and are known for its beautiful black-sand beaches. Another unique beach excursion that is highly recommended for luxury travelers is Red Beach, known for its volcanic seascape with black and red pebbles and a bright blue-green sea. Another picturesque location is Ammoudi Bay, located right underneath Oia. Here you’ll find several small colorful fishing boats and a vibrant resort town dotted with hotels and restaurants.

For a 360-degree view of one of the world’s most beautiful islands, take the Fira cable car ride which goes down to the old port. The cable car takes you off the volcano’s cliffs and transports you down while affording you panoramic views of majestic rock formations, and solidified lava.  There is not a single negative review on travel advisor –check for yourself!

Explore all the dining experiences you can while you visit Santorini

Explore all the dining experiences you can while you visit Santorini


For many travelers, paradise in Santorini means much more than just the panoramic views of the sea and sky: it also refers to the cuisine. Greek food is famous around the world and for good reason; there is no other cuisine that makes eating healthy such a delightful experience. Authentic olive oil, organic produce, freshly-caught fish, tasty meats, and the most delicious breads are just some of the exciting things that await the gastronomic traveler. It’s hard to avoid Greek food; the scent of local ingredients wafts through the air in many of the charming little streets all over Santorini.

There are many exquisite restaurants throughout Santorini that will give you a taste of authentic Greek cuisine. Don’t leave without trying a little of everything that local cuisine has to offer; from fresh olives, different kinds of cheese, gyro, meat and fish dishes, salads, dips, and many more. Make sure to read all the reviews on travel advisor for some great insider tips. Many of the restaurants around the island have been in operation for decades so you can be sure that you are eating traditional Greek food where recipes and cooking techniques have been passed down from one generation to another.

For an unforgettable Greek dining experience, check out these restaurants while in Santorini:

  • Nectar & Ambrosia serves modern Greek and Mediterranean cuisine at the two terraces overlooking the sea. This restaurant is a great choice if you are looking for a fine-dining restaurant with a romantic ambiance and a candlelit dinner, or simply if you are celebrating. Nectar & Ambrosia has an intimate feel and a wide variety of food and wines to satisfy even the most demanding gourmand. Travel advisor has this as one of the most romantic restaurants in the world.
  • 1800 has been around for 2 decades and it’s situated in a property that’s over 200 years old. The mansion has a rich history which is evident in its classic décor. The building that 1800 is located in used to be a former home of a Santorini captain, until an earthquake left it in ruins until its restoration in 1986. 1800 has won several awards throughout the years, known for its colorful dishes that are presented in an asymmetrical manner. There is no doubt that 1800 is a must-visit for all luxury travelers in Santorini as the food is as much of a gastronomic experience as it is aesthetic.
  • Selene is one of the most established gourmet eateries in Santorini and has also won gastronomic awards for their unique twist to Greek cuisine. The food at Selene is all artfully and thoughtfully presented, and truly a delight to eat. It was first established in 1986, although today Selene has gained worldwide recognition for both the modern and traditional dishes that they serve. The reviews on travel advisor are out of this world.
  • La Maison is a fine dining restaurant that should not be missed. The restaurant is known for their creative approach to traditional Mediterranean and Greek dishes as well as their use of molecular gastronomy to deliver some of the best dishes on the island. Savoring the famed dishes of La Maison is a treat for all the senses thanks to the impeccable art of molecular gastronomy – all while giving diners a spectacular view of the caldera.
  • Metaxi Mas is a classic Greek dining experience in a stunning traditional tavern. Metaxi Mas focuses on the local dishes of Santorini as well as Crete. The restaurant has a spectacular outdoor location with views of the caldera side to your right, and the beautiful ocean in front. Enjoy a different variety of Greek cuisine at Metaxi Mas, definitely a must-visit in Santorini!
If you like wine, you will love Santorini

If you like wine, you will love Santorini


Numerous boutique and high-end shops can be found throughout Santorini. Travel advisor commenters can give you some awesome insight as to their ‘secret’ places to shop. Here you can find attractive clothing and stunning jewelry created by local Greek designers. Jewelry is one of the best souvenir items you can bring home because local designers are known for their extraordinary talent in working with some of the world’s most beautiful gems and creating masterpieces out of them.  For jewelry shopping look no further than Gold Street, known locally as Odos Ipapantis.

Art enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Greece has a vibrant local art scene. Head over to Oia to marvel at the extensive array of art galleries to have a taste of contemporary Greek art including paintings and sculptures.  I have seen a lot of comments on travel advisor about the smaller art gallery’s you can find throughout the town. Many shops also sell beautiful pieces inspired by Hellenic art; many of which are handmade. If you are interested in purchasing art, visit these shops around Santorini while you do bidding for travel:

Artwork can be found anywhere, especially outside the orthodox churches during the day

Artwork can be found anywhere, especially outside the orthodox churches during the day

Small boutiques are found throughout the villages located around the cliff. During summers in Greece, shops are open until after dinner so there’s a lot of time to find the perfect souvenirs. Most of the shopping in Santorini is found in Fira where there are several cute shops lined throughout the pretty cobblestone streets.

Although, we just touched on the accommodations, food and art, there are still a ton of other things to discover about Santorini. It is a jaw dropping, inspiring landscape with a ‘cloud like’ feel everywhere you walk. Do yourself a favor and book your next trip to Santorini, as soon as possible. Go ahead and check travel advisor, but it’s impossible to come across a dish, a hotel or a place to take pictures when you journey through this white washed town.  

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