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September 6, 2016
September 13, 2016

Positive Thinking Will Allow You To Succeed in All Facets of Life

The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania defines Positive Psychology as the scientific study of strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play. So where does positive thinking come into play? Do we have a positive attitude in order to live a life where we are happy…or are doing something in life that makes us happy, thus cultivating a positive frame of mind?
Are you living in life or just merely existing?

This is a question often asked when people are inquiring about the purpose of your life.

I look around every day and see people who are merely existing, rather than living.

The sad thing is that they don’t even know that their life is not truly being lived. But what if they do know, and just choose to accept a life of no control as their fate?

That’s a miserable way to live isn’t it? Just tolerating a life that is void of real living. That’s a prison, not an actual life.

Life Can Be Difficult When You're Just Getting By

Life Can Be Difficult When You’re Just Getting By

Do you know how you can tell when a person is merely existing and not living?

When you take away their distractions: T.V., social media, drugs anything that takes their attention away from their life, they don’t know how to function. They need these distractions to keep them happy in the moment – allowing them the opportunity to escape their reality. They do not know the concept of ‘positive thinking’ for most interactions and scenarios.

Wow! How can someone’s life be so bad? When you need to constantly numb your mind in order to escape your reality then you have some serious issues to deal with.

What’s the Problem?
It has been established that no control over your life is the issue. You let too many other things dictate how you think and act, and you are deeply depressed about it.

The lack of freedom to do what you truly desire causes you to stay in a constant state of depression. And the problem is that you don’t know how to escape the terrible feelings you are experiencing. The words ‘positive thinking’ don’t even register.

You are tired of pretending that you are happy.

You are tired of living a life with no purpose.

You are tired of living a life with very little financial stability.

I think we have just pointed out something with those last 2 statements.

A life with no purpose and a lack of money is very difficult to function within. Without these simulations in place to keep you motivated, you are easily prone to just give up in life, and accept mediocrity or failure as your life’s path until your death.

It is kind of morbid and depressing to think about, but too many people are stuck in neutral, with no real hope in sight. Their frame of mind is the opposite of a positive thinking attitude, thus there is no action in trying to advance in work place or social settings.

But there is hope – you can change your life. You just have to be willing to evaluate your life and make the necessary changes.

Staggering Statistics

Staggering Statistics

Who and What Controls Your Life?

The first step in this process is determining what are the factors that control your life. You will never gain the ability to control your life while operating and thinking as you do now. You have to release the constraints that inhibit your ability to think and operate freely.

Listed below are the constraints in your life and how they hold you back:


A job tends to create dependency and complacency. Yes, you are provided a source of income, but you either make barely enough to survive or you make enough to be content.

Being content is a dangerous mindset to have. When you are content, you are just going with the flow of things, not believing that your life can be disrupted. Having the ability to be conscience of using positive thinking in the quality & quantity of work does not occur to you.

Then BOOM! It happens. You lose your job and your life is in shambles.

You allowed your job to control your finances instead of you actually controlling your finances.
Your paycheck being paid every 2 weeks, on a certain day has trained your mind to be comfortable with this particular arrangement, which means you never thought to develop other income producing activities.

Remember this statement because we will dig further into it very soon: 7 Streams of Income.


The constant images that you see on a daily basis, the environment that you live and operate within, the interactions that you engage in, and the music that you listen to – they all have an influence over your life.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Basically what you think on a consistent basis is the reality you produce for yourself.

If you surround yourself with negative, toxic images, that is what will be produced in your life. Therefore, your society is literally controlling your mindset, which influences the lifestyle you live.

That’s powerful.

You are unconsciously sabotaging the growth of your life because you are surrounding yourself with constant garbage.

Surround yourself with positivity, with people that possess positive thinking at all times and watch how your life reflects the change you have made.

What Kind of Opportunity do you have with your current job?

What Kind of Opportunity do you have with your current job?


The majority of us love our families and will do anything for them, but sometimes it is best to think of yourself first in order to put your family ahead.

Average people use the excuse of having a family as to why they can’t go after their dreams. Successful people use the thought of their families to fuel their ambitions.

If you allow your family to impede your goals, you will start to resent them and lash out in anger because you believe they held your life back.

Love your family but never let them hold you back. Someone has to have the ambition to step up, instill a consistent attitude of positive thinking and provide them with a new lifestyle.

That person needs to be you.


Do you know about the Law of Averages?

If you understood that your friends were the people who determined your success in life, would you choose to remain friends if they believed a failed life was acceptable?

If you study successful people, you will notice that they only hang around other successful people. This is because they need to be around people who reinforce their mindset and behaviors. Anything less of successful will drag them down, and make them lose focus.

You need to take an inventory of your friends, analyze their life, and what they add to your life.

If things don’t add up to a positive sum, then you need to delete the negative factors!


How do You Gain Control?

Now that we have put everything out into the open, it is time for you to gain control over your life.

You will stop settling and start to become the leader of your life’s journey.

Gaining control is all about controlling your thoughts and your behavior. Learn how you can use positive thinking as a tool going forward.

Envision a life full of abundance and growth and implement the actions that transform your dreams into reality. You have to wake up every day with the mission to lead a successful life, not letting anything or anyone interfere with your progression.

Even though you can’t have complete control over what happens in your life, you can control your thoughts, actions and finances.

FINANCES! Unless you live in a log cabin, living off your farm, money is required to live. I do not care how much or how little you need to buy the necessities—food, clothing & shelter, we all need money to purchase these items. Now, as I stated above, the more money you create, the more flexibility you have in the things you need (again, food, clothing & shelter) and the things you want (5 star steak dinners, Armani three piece suit, or the penthouse suite at the Bellagio). For regular boys and girls, like you and me, we probably generate enough money to live a life where we are satisfied…content with what we can do and what we will purchase. Satisfied does not mean breathing easy when it comes to paying the bills. It just means that you and I can live a normal life and have nice things. For the most part, we plod through our days and we utilize a positive thinking attitude…until reality hits. The key is keeping this frame of mind until the storm passes.


Money doesn’t always bring happiness, but life would be a whole lot easier when you don’t have to worry about bills.

The saying “Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness” is true to an extent. There are intangibles in our lives, such as friendships and relationships that money cannot buy, but money does allow us the opportunity to do more with our lives. In fact, an article written by Martha C. White,, in Time Magazine, expands on the science that backs up the notion that money does, indeed, create happiness. She found a specific study in 2014, by Harvard University psychology professor Dan Gilbert in which he conducted a survey that evaluated the effects on money and psychology. She states “In a survey, Gilbert found that 57% of respondents reported greater happiness from an experiential purchase. Only 34% said the same about a material purchase.” Happy and pleasurable experiences cement the positive thinking way of going about our lives. Thus, if we do have a jolt of cash come through our door, we should invest in something that will provide us a lasting experience or memory, rather a new stereo system or oriental rug.

Another bit of science to back the notion and science that money has volatile effects on our brain, is a professor named Glenn D. Wilson. His 2013 lecture at Gresham College in London, he states “The desire to acquire wealth is a major driving force in human behavior and our relationship with money says much about who we are. If money doesn’t necessarily make us happy, it does powerfully affect our emotions and is a factor in many psychological disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to hoarding and kleptomania”. I am no doctor, but what he says is 100% accurate.


Grab Control Your Finances

Working a job that pays you a predetermined salary doesn’t really seem to ‘cut it’ in today’s world. Sure, it’s a nice job, with solid security, but how far can you go? Where’s your ceiling? Even if you work for a Fortune 500 company, bring your positive thinking cap to work every day and aspire to climb the ever so daunting corporate ladder, some people work all of their lives and never make it off the third rung. The world we live in today is full of so many opportunities and possibilities. But you are limiting yourself by accepting a low level of financial earning that is capped.

In order to create additional wealth, there are only two (2) options you can choose from:
• Discipline yourself and stick to a tight budget, where you save enough money so that the compounding interest works for you. This is difficult, but it can be done.
• Generate additional income in order to create the financial surplus. This additional income obviously comes from another occupation.

If you are sitting there asking yourself, why can’t I make more money or how do I make more money, you need to look yourself in the mirror and decide which route you want to take. Both roads are difficult, but both can be done. If you want something that bad, you just need to focus your mind on your goals, stick to your plan and keep driving. This is where it is imperative to focus on the positive thinking mindset.

Saving more money in order to create financial freedom is no easy task and there are not too many people that can do it. If you are married with children, it can be an even bigger hill to climb, because after all, you got mouths to feed! I hate to admit that I do not have this discipline and will power to save—I mean, really save the amount of money you need in order to build stacks of cash that can work for you. Of course, your windfall of money can grow faster when you stick to the great advice from Warren Buffett (and a little bit of luck). If you haven’t heard the secret how you can turn $40 dollars into $10 million, you need to check it out.

Well Said

Well Said

Creating additional income with another job or occupation is hard as heck as well. Long hours, less free time does not sound like a fun deal for anyone. The secret is finding something that you love to do when you are not working your ‘day job’, where it doesn’t seem and feel like work. Positive thinking and working at something you like to do play off each other extremely well. It’s a lot easier to have an optimistic mind set when you are enjoying work. But finding this 2nd career is difficult to find. I wish I could tell you that I have the magic potion, but I do not. You have to find the special side gig that really makes you tick.
Don’t think you can find an extra way to generate more money? You have to jump outside that box you’re in and start thinking. Why not look at becoming an Uber driver, bartender, run errands for people, freelance write or consult for people, teach an online course, start an e-commerce website, coach a sports team, jump in a multi-level marketing or direct sales business, walk dogs, or 40 other things you can think of.

The moral of the story is: you are going to have to get up and work at it. If you really want to create your financial freedom, you need to take action—today.

Why should you budget your life around $40K, before taxes, when you can expand your life when earning 6 figures and above? Oh, your excuse is that you don’t know where to start or you’re not lucky enough to earn that type of money. Get out of that frame of mind and start your new positive thinking ways. Don’t continue to allow your brain to hold on to such beliefs. We just finished outlining the things that take away your control in life, and mindset was one of the ‘bad guys’ that hold us back.

But beyond believing that you have unlimited earning power, you must implement strategies of action that produce huge financial results. The problem is that you are not used to being in control of your finances. Someone has always designated work for you to do, and paid you a paycheck based on your assigned job duties. Start looking for something that’s outside your comfort zone. Open your eyes and perk up your ears…most importantly, listen to your heart.

Create a life where you can do the things you love with the people you love

Create a life where you can do the things you love with the people you love

Positive thinking will start to bubble in your soul—you will notice a new a whole new ‘you’. This will motivate you to create a better life for you, your wife, your children and anyone else that’s close to you. Find creative ways to have fun on little to no money… Research the next revenue stream in your life through blogging, consulting or teaching. You need to break out of the mold of what everyone else is doing and what everyone else says is ‘normal’. When we are used to a certain way of living, anything beyond our comprehension raises our skepticism.

But when you see that Lamborghini driver ride past you, are you skeptical about their success, or do you wonder how they earn their money?

When you drive by million dollar homes, are you skeptical about if they actually own the house, or do you wonder how they earn their money?

You see, money is usually a result of success. You perform well and you earn well.

But you can’t put yourself in the position to earn if you continuously sit on the sidelines because you are afraid to get into the game. You have to stand up and get after it. Utilizing and sticking to a positive thinking lifestyle will eventually get you where you want to be.

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