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Pump The Brakes On That Costco Travel Application–One of These Travel Clubs Might Be Just the One For You

Costco Travel has created a huge name for itself in that it provides a great product at a cheap discount. They have their fair share of vacation packages, cruises and everything in between at a price that’s hard to beat. But, before you jump on that bandwagon, you need to see these other travel clubs.

There are a lot of travel options nowadays and more and more people have been turning to online travel clubs to make sure that they find the best deal for their vacation tour. Basically a travel club is a kind of establishment or setup that joins with many other different businesses regarding the travel industry so that they can offer various kinds of vacation packages to members at good wholesale prices.

You Gotta Take a Couple of Selfies When You're Traveling!

You Gotta Take a Couple of Selfies When You’re Traveling!

Costco Travel is a huge name in the industry, but these other online travel clubs operate the same way: through their official online websites. These travel clubs mostly charge for their membership on yearly basis and can also arrange for various trips to different destinations worldwide. Some companies can arrange for smaller trips or even day trips and events. There are always many options to choose from. So when you try to choose or join a particular travel club to avail their services, make sure that you consider some important points.

Estimate Costs

The costs usually depend on the season you want to travel in. Normally, the peak season for a destination with theme parks or a beach costs more—even with Costco Travel. However, the prices can vary as well depending on the availability and season. Review the costs and prices of different travel clubs and then take your pick. Sometimes, these travel clubs offer incentives which can bring down the total cost of your trip.

It's All About Traveling With the People You Love

It’s All About Traveling With the People You Love

Get Details of Membership

Always look for a travel club that has more choices or options to offer to the customers. For instance, the more resorts a travel club offers during your tour, the better it is. Make sure you know about the memberships which some travel clubs secure for you and later include the charges in your yearly dues. These can have an expiration date, so be aware—Costco Travel will be sticklers once it expires, but usually tend to reinstate quickly after the dues are paid. Apart from that, there are benefits too which some clubs offer their members. For example, tour guides and planners which can be helpful during your stay. Then there are travel clubs which offer insurance as well. If you are particular about that, then be sure you get to choose a club that can help you out with it.

Target Destinations

Some travel clubs offer a lot of possible destinations to their members. If you are into travelling the world and love seeing different & unique spots, then try to choose a club that offers the most for you. I don’t think this is the case with Costco Travel, but some of these clubs have a lot of owned resorts and can tour you around the places you want to see or you are interested in. These travel clubs that have their own resorts in the most popular spots for vacation, which helps reduce the costs during high season. It’s all up to you to make the decision where you are most comfortable, after reviewing different online travel clubs.

Where To Go...Where To Go....

Where To Go…Where To Go….

Look for Discounts

Discounts make travelling easier for the members and there are a lot of such clubs which offer good discount packages and deals. Almost all the travel clubs offer discounts on car rentals and air fare or other kinds of necessities (Costco Travel is well known for this), so if one of these clubs does not offer such packages, it is imperative they offer something that will offset this mistake. Moreover, some clubs provide discounts on merchandise as well. This allows the travelers or members to easily buy their desired souvenirs. Discount offers are also available on food and recreational activities. So do consider them.

Customer Service Support

Customer service support is pertinent. You never know when you could require help regarding important question(s). There are online clubs that make sure the members can get in touch with one of their representatives during any time of day or even night. As you probably already know, Costco Travel uses phone and email as the primary ways of contacting the customer service support representative. The same goes for any other travel club.
Some of the best online travel clubs you could get a membership for your vacation or tour are jotted down below.

Some of These Resorts are Phenomenal!

Some of These Resorts are Phenomenal!

1. Show of the Month Club

The Show of the Month Club is a travel club resides in Boston and is a two in one club. It’s also a theater club. This company arranges national as well as international tours to various destinations for example, Canada, Italy, Galapagos Islands and Canary Islands. It offers its members unbeatable economical packages to places all over the world. Their motto is “Spend less and travel more”. Many of these trips are all-inclusive tours or vacations. Something a little different from Costco Travel: the company also organizes trips to theater excursions via cruises.


Membership Benefits
1. It’s not a subscription club. You won’t have any obligation to purchase anything.
2. They provide personal service.
3. They give their member priority seating.
4. Offer discounts on theater tickets and on parking vouchers.
5. They have numerous dining deals.
6. Members receive notifications of upcoming attractions months before their official announcement.
7. Member also receive weekly email newsletter and remain updated.
8. Club members can order theater tickets online.
9. Membership fee is refunded if the member is not satisfied.
10. The club is committed to ensuring privacy of its members.

2. Adventure Club

The Adventure Club is a pretty cool travel club that separates itself from all the others—including Costco Travel. This travel club provides deals for singles as well as couples. Both national and international trips are offered. Destinations include beaches, ski spots, cruises and hiking excursions etc. One day trips are also offered. Discounted or free trips are provided by the company too.


Membership Benefits:
1. Members get priority status when they are on a waiting list for a trip.
2. Trip cancellation policies are lenient.
3. Special event notices are emailed to members to keep them up-to-date.
4. Gear rentals are provided for free. (Reservations must be made in advance and the gear should be picked up prior to the trip. Gear rentals also depend on their availability.).
5. They offer to give 10% of the membership fees to go to worthy causes e.g. environmental & social causes.
6. Members can save up to $100 on OAC vacations. However, members on ultimate membership can save up to $200.
7. Club members can join Touchstone Climbing Gyms for an initiation fee of $25. Members can save up to $75. (Original fee is $100).

The Adventure Club is For Thrill Seekers and Adrenaline Junkies

The Adventure Club is For Thrill Seekers and Adrenaline Junkies

3. Women’s Travel Club

You won’t find some of these trips with Costco Travel. This company specializes in vacation trips that are only designed for women for example, spa weekends. Destinations, both national and international are covered by the club. Both single and married women can join the club. Members receive huge discounts on different exotic vacation spots worldwide.


Membership Benefits:
1. All inclusive tours for women in small groups.
2. Provide safe and enjoyable journeys for women with an escort.
3. Through membership, members get access to all other women club members and can form groups to travel. So members can have stay in touch with an entire network of females who love travelling.
4. After you decide to travel, the club automatically connects the members who have to travel together in future. This way, women get acquainted with one another before their travel date & time.
5. When not travelling, members still have access to information regarding other members.
6. The club takes care of its members’ privacy in terms of personal contact information, past trips etc.

4. The Top Travel Club

Like Costco Travel, this travel club provides both national and international tours to its members to all desired locations. If you want to travel the world, stay at great resorts and hotels, have great food at great restaurants and seek exciting adventures and activities then you are at the right place to make your booking.


Membership Benefits:
1. Members having a family membership are able to allow all family members along with their friends to have access to booking savings and prices.
2. The club doesn’t charge any fees from travel booking, advertising, sales and promotions or clicks on the website.
3. 100% of the savings go to the club members who want to Go-Direct and Save on travel and also shop in over 100 countries.
4. Weekly newsletter is provided to the members.
5. Club members are their priority when it comes to short listing.

One Thing About Disney: Everything They Do is Top Notch!

One Thing About Disney: Everything They Do is Top Notch!

5. Disney Vacation Club

You won’t find Mickey & Minnie in Costco Travel. As you may have guessed, this travel club is owned by Disney Vacation Development, Inc., a subsidiary of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a unit of The Walt Disney Company. It allows buying real estate interest in a DVC resort. Disney Vacation Club’s Senior Vice President is Ken Potrock.


Membership Benefits:
1. Members can save up to 20% on Merchandise while shopping and can go home even with a free souvenir.
2. The club offers discounts to Private Premium VIP tours (up to 25%).
3. Stay at luxury resorts owned by the company.
4. Members get to save on dining as well (Offers include up to 15% discount or more).
5. Special discount offers on tickets can be availed during Christmas season.
6. Thousands of vacation spots easily accessible for online booking.
7. Weekly newsletter for members.
8. Quick and reliable customer service support.

6. WorldVentures

With similarities to Costco Travel, WorldVentures allows its members to access an assortment of “Dream Trips” as well as your personal travel portal to schedule & arrange hotels, flights & rental cars. The Dream Trips are packaged vacations to luxury resorts all over the world at discount prices. You have access to private tours, adventures and restaurants in the resort and around the area in which you are visiting. The Dream Trips have something for everyone: from beaches to mountains…Europe to Asia…cruises to Alaska or the Caribbean and even for the the adventure & adrenaline junkies to the spa & pool ‘relaxers’. Unique from Costco Travel, WorldVentures also specializes in trips for sporting events such as the Masters and Nascar, as well as hunting & fishing expeditions. For those that want to do something for others, there are Dream Trips for charities, in which you travel to other countries and cultures and assist those in need of water, food & shelter.

The WorldVentures Cruises are Worth the Membership, Alone

The WorldVentures Cruises are Worth the Membership, Alone

The “Rovia Bucks” system allows each member to accrue points or ‘bucks’ in which they can use to pay towards these trips. Thus, giving a membership to WorldVentures a little bit more validity in the ‘free travel’ terms. Costco Travel offers credit cards to accrue points, but WorldVentures includes their Rovia Bucks, which are obtained when you book travel through the WorldVentures portal, book a Dream Trip and even use the WorldVentures online mall that gives you access to everything & anything you need for home or office.

There are three (3) levels of membership you can pick from: Standard, Gold or Premium, with the Gold & Premium providing extras such as hotel transfers, welcome hosts, concierge, early access to Dream Trips & deals, as well as advanced booking opportunities.

The one (1) main thing that is completely different from Costco Travel, is that WorldVentures also allows the travel club members the opportunity to create additional income as a “Business Representative”. If one is so inclined to jump on as a “BR” and they sign up four (4) people to the club, their dues are waved. Obviously, the more people you sign up, the larger the commission grows and at a certain level, the residual income kicks in, creating that ever elusive ‘mail box’ money everyone loves. Most people like this opportunity because of the low cost to climb aboard and it allows you to make a little extra cash on the side.


Membership Benefits:
1. Just like Costco Travel, members have access to the Dream Trips all over the world. But, WorldVentures specializes in higher end destinations—members can visit 5 Star Resorts at 2 Star prices.
2. Exclusive access to the Dream Trips travel portal that has cheaper pricing than the big names, such as Expedia, Travelocity, etc. when booking airfare, car rental & hotels.
3. Rovia Bucks System that rewards members for booking their Dream Trip, travel or simply shopping within the online mall.
4. Business representative opportunity to waive monthly dues, as well as earn extra money that can pay for travel & Dream Trips.
5. Travel perks such as private concierge, deals & entertainment discounts, airport transfers, as well as emergency evacuation services.

You Can't Go Wrong With Any of These Travel Club Options

You Can’t Go Wrong With Any of These Travel Club Options

As you can see, there are plenty of unique travel clubs available other than the big names like Costco Travel. These other clubs not only provide excellent service and a huge list of destinations around the world, but also have a unique attribute to each one of them. If you like to travel or want to travel more, you should strongly consider joining a travel club. They will not only provide access to the best destinations across the globe, with unique activities & fine dining, but it all comes at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you wanted to organize & coordinate yourself. Costco Travel has built a great company based on the 9 Trillion-dollar travel industry, so you know that these travel clubs must be doing something right!

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